Midnight Farts Still Remain
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Nathan can’t be away from another one of his childs.Childs.


Nathan can’t be away from another one of his childs.

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chris pratt: *blinks*
y'all: nut on me
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in hindsight i shouldnt have poured boxed wine and vodka into my can of 4loko last night but on the other hand this body is merely a flesh vessel for my stardust to experience other stardust

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In an act of cool genuine human kindness, this girl mouseinsneakers featured/recommended my channel in her Favorite Things Video. And here I thought there were no actual people seeing these. Thank you so much!

Check out her channel 4 sure, bc obviously she has good taste in YouTube content. And maybe my channel, if you still haven’t done that. 

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reblog this if you’re a small youtuber! i love our little community and i wanna see more of you guys’ content. i will check out all of your channels and be your next subscriber.

expand the family!

reblogging bc she is really funny and she subscribed to me LIKE YOU SHOULD

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tumblr users be like

my new fav video

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